Marriage Dyamics National Forum

We must also lead in restoring the "community context" of marriage. A married couple is more than just the sum of its parts. It's a thread in the fabric of community. Societies are built out of people who are loyal to one another and who work and sacrifice for the common good. Expressive individualism is a poor foundation for a society. Marriages formed on such foundations don't build loyalties or give us practice in sacrificial service. Marriages and families are meant to be the training grounds for sacrifice and service. 


We the church must recover the link between marriage and procreation. God established the family as His primary institution for the propagation of the human race. He tells us in Gen 1:27 "Be fruitful and multiply." But again the culture has pervaded the church and the procreative dimension of marriage has been sidelined by economic pressures, cultural ideals, and technological fixes. We need to return to the truth that every marriage is procreative by design.     

Lastly, we must continue to equip  people with the practical skills essential to handle the various challenges of married life. Focus is needed.  Organizations that can provide biblical help and resources are vital. The restoration of Christian marriage should be at the top of our Congregational agendas.